"There’s something about watching Ms. Green perform live.
There’s an innate intensity to the music they perform, and 
getting the chance to be up front to watch her sing their
repertoire,snarling and growling into the mic is
something that gets me riled up every time." 
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"Many of the Long Beach trio’s other songs also alternate between contemplative
melodicism and stormy hard rock as Green tries to find a romantic
connection in the void. Green can be pretty intense
(“If you’re gonna die, would you do it for me?”),
but her vocal dramatics match the band’s power."
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'Ever' premieres on Grimy Goods
The video for 'Ever' premieres on
"A break that will make you swoon and simultaneously punch a wall,
the track’s visual counterpart and energy fueled performance
only heightens the heavy sound of “Ever."
- Girl Underground Music
Out now on PLAG Records