"Despite the track’s roots in the beloved grunge, “Mush” and its musical components are neither sloppy or waning in its delivery. SG wails on distorted power chords alongside deeply, thunderous bass lines, and forceful drumming. Slewed within SG’s fragmented lyrics, a slow burning hurt is issued by her gravely powerful tone: “Soak it up / Pain / Your medicine / Choke it up / Pain / And get numb / To the pain.” Melodic at moments and constantly riddled upon disenchantment, “Mush” isolates the gruff between your toes, does not hide it, and confidently displays." - Girl Underground Music

"The track is full of that 90s grunge flavor and soars with anthemic emotion. At around the 2-minute mark, “Mush” has an insane break of build up fueled by riveting drums and soft vocal murmurs. It’s lovely, yet thrashing all at the same moment."- 'Mush" -Grimy Goods

"Dripping with those 90s alt rock vibes, Spare Parts for Broke Hearts come through with all the chunky riffs and melodic tones sure to spark some nostalgia (especially if you were a 90s child). Inspired by grunge, heavy rock and post punk — Spare Parts for Broken Hearts deliver a bold, guitar-heavy sound all with just three core members."
- Grimy Goods


"Many of the Long Beach trio’s other songs also alternate between contemplative
melodicism and stormy hard rock as Green tries to find a romantic
connection in the void. Green can be pretty intense
(“If you’re gonna die, would you do it for me?”),
but her vocal dramatics match the band’s power."
Read more from  LA WEEKLY

"With “Ever,” Spare Parts for Broken Hearts’ make brilliant use of blending
hard rock elements with smooth and melodic vocals —
what results from this unique dichotomy of
sound is a fully emotionally-charged experience."
- Grimy Goods 
"They reached true metal-level intensity, with heavy riffs
building a wall of sound, not even capable of masking
Sarah Green’s emotional and melodic scream."
- Rock NYC Live & Recorded
The video for 'Ever' premieres on
"A break that will make you swoon and simultaneously punch a wall,
the track’s visual counterpart and energy fueled performance
only heightens the heavy sound of “Ever."
- Girl Underground Music

"Regardless of the explosion of heavy, post-grunge chaos, SG’s rough,
but somehow balanced silvery tone creates a sense of centered relief,
paired with shots of solace and contemplation from the band."
- Girl Underground Music

"A little bit grunge and a little bit progressive rock, Spare Parts’ music made me
reminisce about the days when KROQ’s playlist played more Nirvana
than Twenty One Pilots and more A Perfect Circle than The Lumineers." 
- Blurred Culture 

“Pleasure Delay” does not tread softly across the land, nor does
it turn over much new soil;
it just bulldozes what was always there.
Behold as the earth moves.



"Long Beach-based band Spare Parts for Broken Hearts is fronted by out queer
singer SG, whose voice is going to become your new favorite sound." 
- After Ellen

 'Best Indie band of 2015'
 - OC Weekly's Reader's Choice Awards. 


"There is more to their music than some kind of gimmick."
 Long Beach Independent  


"They deliver an alt-rock wall of sound that is
undeniably, for lack of a better word, badass."
- LA Music Blog


"Fusing heavy rock with a side of power-pop, the trio's fan base
continues growing steadily as they play everywhere
from dive bars to the House of Blues." 
- OC Weekly 


 "Their latest EP is titled “I Love You,” 
and let me tell you, the feeling is mutual."
- HelloGiggles 

"Each EP wears both its emotions and its affection for ‘90s era grunge on its
sleeve without indulging too much in the attendant messianic posturing that
frequently plagued the post-Nirvana alt-rock landscape.
Anyone looking for an ironic approach to alt-rock should look elsewhere."
"They are relentless in their songs, propelling you forward
with incredible precision and catchy hooks."
- Germ Magazine
"In an era of music characterized so frequently
by pastiche delivered with a sly wink, it’s refreshing to hear a
band utilize and own their influences this sincerely."
- LA Record

"Spare Parts For Broken Hearts has really become a Long Beach
success story in their few years together and their ambition,
motivation and determination doesn’t waver one bit."
- Long Beach Independent

"SP/BH has risen as an ardent testament to true alternative rock music. Embracing her
stark songwriting background (in particular a love for tortured troubadours
like Elliott Smith), Green crafts a heavy but honest lyrical approach
counterbalanced by calculatedly cathartic instrumental jaunts."
- OC Register

"Their sound is heavy and melodic and somewhat dark but with a catchy
feel that’s strongly reminiscent of '90s alternative rock."
-Press Telegram

Press Reviews.

‘Mush’ is the love that you’d always wanted. It’s the love that was taken away from you. It’s the love that still sits in the corner of your complex animal instincts. SPARE PARTS FOR BROKEN HEARTS’ singer/guitarist Sarah Green brings back the 90’s pop-rock. And with her vocals the ghosts of Matthew Sweets’ nonchalance and general vibe, drips and congeals with the distinct SPFBH’s muscle chords and riffs." - Come Here Floyd


The LA-based grunge trio have recently released ‘Mush’ which according to Green is “about feeling too much and feeling nothing at all about one thing.” This song really does transport you to the late 90’s and early 00’s with its signature minor-chord progression and powerful chorus. It must be said that a lot of new music sounds the same, these days, and there is something about music from a few decades ago that is truly timeless. Spare Parts are capturing this spirit.Toward the end of the song, there is a pre-chorus that is almost like a re-imagining of Numb by Nirvana. The lethargy that comes from Green’s voice, paired with the pattern of the guitar solo, is undeniably grunge at its finest – and that’s without the obvious mirroring in the lyrics; “Soak it up, your medicine. Choke it up and get numb.”
- When The Horn Blows


"The dynamism of Green’s voice is truly breathtaking and is immediately apparent in the 5-minute track. Pulling off a Seattle smokiness that builds into a raw call, matching the metal-esque fever that the guitar progressions and drums culminate in. The track flirts with everything in between metal and grunge, never quite landing where you think it will."
- Too Much Love Magazine


"If you thought your post-grunge/alternative nature has been missing out on some truly incredulous and subversive bands, you were right, because the band you should be looking into is Spare Parts For Broken Hearts."


"Lead singer and lead guitar player Sarah Green, in particular, captivated me. Gritty, soulful and unique, Green’s voice and guitar skills exhibit her natural musicality. Her style of performance is reminiscent of Dead Sara‘s Emily Armstrong."
- Chasing Cars LA


"If you miss 1990's grunge, Long Beach’s 
Spare Parts for Broken Hearts 
will take you back to the days of dark moody lyrics,
heavy guitars and loud feedback." - Press Telegram


"I personally think that the music they have out there kicks ass- “Ever” has over 30 plays in my iTunes library- but there’s something about watching Ms. Green perform live. There’s an innate intensity to the music they perform, and getting the chance to be up front to watch her sing their repertoire, snarling and growling into the mic is something that gets me riled up every time." - Blurred Culture


"Wrapping up near the end of the 5 minute track with a break that will make you swoon and simultaneously punch a wall, the track’s visual counterpart and energy fueled performance only heightens the heavy sound of “Ever.” - Girl Underground Music

"Opening up with some ferocious chunky riffs, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts waste no time grabbing your attention with their riveting new single “Ever.”
- Grimy Goods

"This trio hit all the right notes with me. A little bit grunge and a little bit progressive rock, Spare Parts’ music made me reminisce about the days when KROQ’s playlist played more Nirvana than Twenty One Pilots and more A Perfect Circle than The Lumineers. But I hesitate to classify them solely as grunge, because the music that I heard on this evening had soaring hooks which were anthemic in some cases. Demonstrating the ability to write music that has strong melodies and catchy hooks."
- Blurred Culture

"It’s all that you could ask for a modern day indie rock song – it’s influenced by grunge, some good old rock and splashed with some punk undertones while creating a soundscape so electrifying and mystifying that can only be discovered through the powerful yet approachable voice of Sg."

- Wolfinasuit.com

"SG's voice is going to become your new favorite sound" - AfterEllen.com

"As one unit, they deliver an alt-rock wall of sound that is undeniably, for lack of a better word, badass."
- LA Music Blog


"Their music-loud, crunchy and filled with fiercely emotional angst-really taps a nerve in me, and that’s a drug I definitely can’t get enough of.”
Blurred Culture

"Much like the previous release, this is an EP completely comfortable with the entire spectrum of human experience."
- L.A. Record

"I Love You II weaves '90s influenced grunge, rock, and dream-pop with a fresh take on heavy emotional anthems, complete with gang choruses and raw riffs a-la L7 having a discussion with System of a Down at an Elliot Smith concert. Spare Parts for Broken Hearts emotional and driving rock anthems connect with their audiences in the best possible way, bridging dark melodies with authenticity and passion."
- OC Weekly

"I think of them as the new Hole. Personally, I think their music is perfect to listen to if you’re going through a breakup or if you’re driving on a highway late at night and are looking to rock out all by yourself, with reckless abandon. Their latest EP is titled “I Love You,” and let me tell you, the feeling is mutual."
- HelloGiggles.com

"True professionals know how to work the crowd, they feed off the energy of the people dancing and singing along to their music…they make the audience just as much a part of the performance as what they are doing on stage. Some bands just play locally, but SP4BH is posed to take the music world by storm."
LB Independent

“In the Glow of Ashes,” encapsulates the band’s strengths: the interplay between the confident, haunting vocal harmonies and crunchy guitars of Sarah Green and Laurita Guaico, the wild yet rhythmically precise drumming of Tosha Jones, channelling Nevermind-era Dave Grohl, enhancing the emotional
sincerity of Green’s songwriting. In an era of music characterized so frequently by pastiche delivered with a sly wink, it’s refreshing to hear a band utilize and own their influences this sincerely. - L.A. Record

“Spare Parts for Broken Hearts has risen as an ardent testament to alternative rock music. Embracing her stark songwriting background (in particular a love for tortured troubadours like Elliott Smith), Green crafts a heavy but honest lyrical approach counterbalanced by calculatedly cathartic instrumental jaunts. Guaico shares in those duties, the two working interchangeably as Jones establishes rhythmic cadences that often culminate in sheer boom.”
- Orange County Register.

"The rise in popularity of Spare Parts for Broken Hearts is no surprise to Kbeach Radio. We've long be supporters of these extremely talented and sincere musicians. We've booked them for our Thursday concerts, interviewed them on air, and this summer booked SP4H as the Headliners for our first ever Summer Sessions Concert. We're always looking for new ways to showcase their talent. Most recently we pitched them to Program Council on campus and they booked them for their Noontime Concerts. We will continue to support this band in all that they do. Kbeach Radio is honored to be connected with such powerful and talented musicians and we will continue to spread their music on College Radio. We wish them the utmost success in all they do. And when they make it to the Grammys, we want tickets!"

"Spare Parts was there as the first of two opening acts for the alternative rock group Lit on a recent Friday night, but they had won the crowd over before the first song of their 30-minute opening spot was over."  - Press Telegram 


"As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 is shaping up for another amazing year for local talent in Long Beach there are the top 25 bands or performers who played in the city where the sewer meets the sea. The voting was compiled from over 50 local musicians, club owners and employees with 190 different bands or artists nominated. Spare Parts for Broken Hearts has placed at number 15 of our top 25." - The Examiner

"The all-female band (still not enough of this in the industry, in my opinion) does something I’ve not seen before… with Tosha on drums, Sarah and Laurita actually swap spots and instruments (guitar and bass guitar) during the show, which I found fascinating. I’ve since listened to their 2011 EP and it’s really stellar stuff. It’s loosely in a certain subgenre of music for me that I’ve always immediately gotten hooked into on first listen, and those are the kinds of songs that they write – immediately hooky and melodic yet with a lot of great riffs and beats. Catchy alternative rock with obviously a lot of thought and meaning behind the songs.
In addition to the role-switching on stage, they are a lot of fun to watch, and watching Tosha on drums is kind of intoxicating, as if every part of her is just tuned into that beat and pushing it as intensely as possible." - Rocksubculture.com

"Stories" sounds like the funk-metal that wasn't the Red Hot Chili Peppers, while "Sleeper" mixes murky guitar snarls and a bit of a buried drum part from Tosha Jones, a little bit of brisk cryptic energy.
Sarah Green and Laurita Guaico's vocals are in ways the key of the band, though, at least on these recordings, cutting through and over the music in a strong fashion; call it the antithesis of someone like Maynard Keenan when he's in Tool, looking almost to bury himself in the arrangements. When they cut loose on the peppiest of the three songs, "January-July 1998," it's a pretty sharp mix they've got. Let's see what happens next after they escape from Texas. - OC Weekly.

"The trio played one powerhouse of a set – filling every inch of the bar with the haunting vocals of Sarah Green and Laurita Guaico, along with their skillfully intertwined guitar and bass lines, and ridiculously intense drumming. There wasn’t a song that was played where my heart wasn’t rattling around my ribcage with the force of Tosha Jones. They played with a balance of intensity, force, and pure rock that can be quite difficult – yet the trio executed this with ease. Definitely a band you have to see live. Something about the immensity of their sound can’t be completely caught in a recording." - Music In Press

"Spare Parts For Broken Hearts is one of the most powerful rock bands to break out of LA in ages. When you're ears are sifting through the riffs, the beats and the harmonies that this trio creates on stage, you realize that that this isn't just a girl band, this is a rock band delivering a live show unlike nothing you've seen before and serving up song after song that will have you reeling until the next gig." - The Amp Org

"Kbeach Radio host several concerts a semester and we try to  showcase a wide variety of talent. When we booked Spare Parts for Broken Hearts last year, the whole department fell in love with them. So much so that we invited SP4BH to be our headliner at our first ever Summer Sessions concert last July, and since then we try to get them on campus as much as possible. They are talented, professional, and humble. They always deliver an inspired performance and move the crowd." 
Kbeach Radio 

“Spare Parts for Broken Hearts is a new ladies threesome wrecking sound crew made-up of Sarah Green and two prime component of The Randies. The murmuring burning fuse vocals of Laurita Guaico are a perfect lead igniter for the metal, brass knuckles, nail in bat songs, while Sarah Green can easily be given the duty to break hearts with a few simmering ballads. The band still appears to be in the early stages of development with a few songs posted and hopefully more shows in the near future. It will be interesting to keep a close ear on their music as to hear the mixture of the two vocal talents evolve. A volatile femme fatale sound is surely gleaning in the making with these Spare Parts for Broken Hearts. - Picksysticks.com

"The EP is totally edgy but there’s something gorgeous about it. It’s pretty powerful; you can definitely feel all the passion you guys have.” – Rebel Noise

"Every song kept you captivated as you found yourself unconsciously dancing to the beat of the drum. You can hear the passion in the voices that filled the air around you and crept up into your brain. I could literally feel the goose bumps take over my body. It was truly one memorable experience that I am itching to relive."
- www.bohemianfox.com