"Ever since Long Beach’s Spare Parts for Broken Hearts came out of the shadows in 2016 with the single “Pleasure Delay,” they’ve been one of the Southern California bands most likely to move mountains. Or turn them into molten lava."
- BuzzBands LA

"The band seems to be hitting its stride having gotten some terrific notice for their last single “Mush” which has racked up over 170+ streams on Spotify. I’ve always been partial to Sarah’s songwriting, but with “Mush” she really hit that sweet spot in maintaining a perfect balance between seriously ripping rock and carefully crated pop sensibilities. I think that’s why “Mush” has appealed to so many listeners." 
​​​​​​​- Blurred Culture

"Spare Parts for Broken Hearts are led by singer Sarah Green. Her heroic, anthemic vocals lift up such heavy passages as the group’s recent single, “Mush,” which alternates between introspective sections and more propulsive grunge-rock shifts. Green has the ability to remain coolly powerful and assured within the eyes of the swirling storms she and her bandmates generate. There is something both uplifting and cathartic about the way she chases the pain away with a mighty, soul-clearing howl." - LA Weekly

"Despite the track’s roots in the beloved grunge, “Mush” and its musical components are neither sloppy or waning in its delivery. SG wails on distorted power chords alongside deeply, thunderous bass lines, and forceful drumming. Slewed within SG’s fragmented lyrics, a slow burning hurt is issued by her gravely powerful tone: “Soak it up / Pain / Your medicine / Choke it up / Pain / And get numb / To the pain.” Melodic at moments and constantly riddled upon disenchantment, “Mush” isolates the gruff between your toes, does not hide it, and confidently displays." - Girl Underground Music

"The track is full of that 90s grunge flavor and soars with anthemic emotion. At around the 2-minute mark, “Mush” has an insane break of build up fueled by riveting drums and soft vocal murmurs. It’s lovely, yet thrashing all at the same moment."- 'Mush" -Grimy Goods

"Dripping with those 90s alt rock vibes, Spare Parts for Broke Hearts come through with all the chunky riffs and melodic tones sure to spark some nostalgia (especially if you were a 90s child). Inspired by grunge, heavy rock and post punk — Spare Parts for Broken Hearts deliver a bold, guitar-heavy sound all with just three core members."
- Grimy Goods

"Many of the trio’s other songs also alternate between contemplative
melodicism and stormy hard rock as Green tries to find a romantic
connection in the void. Green can be pretty intense
(“If you’re gonna die, would you do it for me?”),
but her vocal dramatics match the band’s power."
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"With “Ever,” Spare Parts for Broken Hearts’ make brilliant use of blending
hard rock elements with smooth and melodic vocals —
what results from this unique dichotomy of
sound is a fully emotionally-charged experience."
- Grimy Goods 
"They reached true metal-level intensity, with heavy riffs
building a wall of sound, not even capable of masking
Sarah Green’s emotional and melodic scream."
- Rock NYC Live & Recorded
"A break that will make you swoon and simultaneously punch a wall,
the track’s visual counterpart and energy fueled performance
only heightens the heavy sound of “Ever."
- Girl Underground Music

"Regardless of the explosion of heavy, post-grunge chaos, SG’s rough,
but somehow balanced silvery tone creates a sense of centered relief,
paired with shots of solace and contemplation from the band."
- Girl Underground Music